Helenka Bernard

Let’s make that moment last


The earliest known photography studio anywhere opened in New York City in March 1840. This has been such a great way to celebrate moments and to keep track of growth in kids and families.


Capturing your day and family’s natural moments is a style i particularly enjoy. The real moments between a mom and kid, a dad looking in and the inbetween love moments of mom and dad locking eyes. 


Photographing a wedding, is truly a highlight i cherish and keep close at heart. Being part of a love story that you will remember forever is something i strive to reach.

Most recent work

Here you can view a preview of my most recent shoots! If your shoot shows here, then it is most likely busy uploading or on it’s way to you! 





Full Sets

You can view some of my past and current shoots here. This will give you an idea of the approach, and the type of photography style i have. Enjoy!

We take photos as a return ticket to the moment otherwise gone.

– Norman Frank

I'm not interested in shooting new things, I'm interested in shooting something new.

– Norman Frank